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2018: Winter Green, Studio Gallery

2017:  AMERICAN BLING, Solo Exhibition, Studio Gallery

2017:  Nati Cui, Juried Show, Seravezza, Italy

2017: Ritual, Group Exhibition, Studio Gallery

2016:  Winter Exhibition, Group Exhibition, Studio Gallery

2016: Summer DC,   Group Exhibition, Studio Gallery

2015: Winter Exhibition, Group Exhibition, Studio Gallery

2015: Steel Mill Series, Foto Week, Studio Gallery

2015: Traveling in Late Autumn, Duet Exhibition, MK Gallery

2015: Contemporary Scrolls, Solo Exhibition, McLean Project for the Arts

2015: Common Ground, Group Exhibition, Korean Cultural Center

2015: Then and Now, Group Exhibition, Studio Gallery

2014: The Bellini Project , Duo Exhibition: Studio Gallery

2014: Visions, Group Show: Studio Gallery

2014: Affinity, Group Exhibition: Studio Gallery

2014: New Directions, Group Exhibition: Studio Gallery

2013: Out of Confinement: Soundings from the Inland Sea,  New Scrolls & Soundscapes, Solo Exhibition, Hillyer Art Space



2004:  Turin, Italy: Delivered paper on the International Conference of Primatologists on Aesthetics of non-human Primate Art

1998: Delivered Paper to the AAA on Non-Western Kinship Practices

1993:  Field Museum of Chicago, Co-Principle Investigator of CKAP: The Collaborative Kinship and Adoption Project


ARTIST RESIDENCIES: 2017, 2015, 2014, and 2012: Montorno Studios, Seravezza, Italy


SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY (1990 through present)

2008: Acqua Alta. A 25 minute historical narrative of the personal odyssey of a 13 year old Italian Jewish girl caught up in conflicting identities while growing up in the Venetian Ghetto in Italy. Shot on location, the story was constructed from a variety of historical data from Jewish culture in Italy.
Initially created for a young adult audience.

Awards for Acqua Alta:

International Festival of England, UK
Washougal International Film Festival, Washougal, WA
ARPA Foundation for the Film, L.A., CA
Geneva Film Fest, Geneva, IL
Urban Mediamakers Film Festival, Atlanta, GA
Women’s Image Network, Santa Catalina, CA
DaVinci Film Festival, Eugene, OR

2002: Stories that Must be Told: A ten-minute DVD, this documentary is constructed from the stories of six woman ages 15 through 50. It is a “fish out of water” film about growing up in two conflicting communities: that of their own family which is a nontraditional group, and that of the larger community from which they draw their friends and daily life.


For the Field Museum of Chicago:

1998: Adoption: What’s that got to do with Me? For the Field Museum of Chicago. A 27-minute documentary involving research with the Maori in New Zealand and families in Chicago.

1996: Franchesca. A 25-minute personal story of young Hawaiian woman’s diverse family background.

1995: The Birth of Big Beaver. For the Field Museum of Chicago. A 25 minute documentary about the celebrated totem pole which stands in front of the Field Museum.

1994: Whangai: “Feeding Children” in a Maori Village. Documentary interviews about informal, traditional and legal adoption in a small town on the East Coast of New Zealand.

1994: A Field Trip through Time. For The Field Museum of Chicago. An educational story to accompany the exhibit “DNA to Dinosaurs” at the Museum.

1993: A Field Trip through Africa. For The Field Museum of Chicago. An educational story to accompany the exhibit Africa Exhibit at the Museum.

1986-1992: Ruatapupuke: A Maori Meeting House.
For the Field Museum of Chicago. The story of the Maori meetinghouse, which stands in the museum. The DVD runs continuously as part of the exhibit.

1991: The Birth of Servants. A video art piece satirizing pop-Darwinism in America. Funded by the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.

1990: Myth and the Wilderness: The Illinois Prairie. An experimental documentary video about the vanishing landscape in Illinois. Funded by the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.


1974 B.A. Connecticut College; Double: English Literature/History of Art
1978 M.A. University of Chicago, History of Art